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Hi I'm new ^^ [ Saturday
28/03/09 @ 3:11 pm]

Introduction survey under here :)Collapse )
And I also have kind of a question/dilemma, I just recently started having sex with my boyfriend and the first time we were really excited but kinda nervous cause my family was home and we were in my room LOL
But ever since the first time he's had trouble staying hard with the condom on because he said it's very dulling. We tried getting thin ones but maybe we need even thicker ones. Maybe it's me? I've been mastrubating for a few years so maybe I'm too loose? Without the condom he can stay hard fine, and get hard pretty quickly, so can anyone please offer some advice T^T


=] [ Wednesday
14/01/09 @ 1:18 am]

How can I make Jcohen 9?

Im new...and I have a question. [ Thursday
8/01/09 @ 9:10 pm]
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Okay, now for the reason I joined.  I need to know a little something about some stuff.  I just went to planned parenthood for the first time on new years eve.  I got my birth control and stuff.  Well the 2nd of Jan. I got a UTI so now I'm on antibiotics.  Then I started my birth control on Sunday when I was supposed to, because I started my period on that Friday.  Now I need to know if any of this would make my period really really light.  Like all 4 days I would put in a tampon and leave it in all day (even though you aren't supposed to...whatever) and there was barely any blood on it.  Like I could have gone without I think.  So I'm kind of worried, because I've heard that you can still be pregnant if you have your period...  So could someone enlighten me on this?  I wasn't overly stressed out or anything at the time, so that wouldn't make it light.  And I won't start again until next month, so I don't want to freak out about this for the whole month for nothing, and I don't want to delay my next period because of unneeded stress.  So any help would be muchly appreciated.

EDIT:  I took the test today, and it said that I wasn't, so I'm happy.  ^_^  I think it was just the side effects of my new bc.


[ Sunday
28/12/08 @ 1:14 am]


so me and my boyfriend just started having sex for the first few times. i wasn't a virgin but he was, and i mean i had sex like 4 or 5 times before this, and uh the problem is that his dick doesn't fit comfortably in me. like no lie, its a craaaazy tremendous pain. like he'll get in me (hurting like hell) and then the pain just keeps getting worse and worse. The frist guy i had sex with, we didn't have this problem. haha ..so what the heck can i do? because we really want to have sex but that pain is incredible and i can't take all of that. ..any advice will help!!

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Sexy lingerie, Opinions please [ Wednesday
17/10/07 @ 12:14 am]

I just started a small sexy lingerie shop. If you guys have time would be great if you could give some comments on the selection. Is it too sexy, too boring...?? Any comments are greatly appreciated!!

Also, do you have experience in intimate apparel?
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new:) [ Tuesday
9/10/07 @ 1:14 am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I just got a new LJ cause my old one got hacked :( But anyways, I need everyones help.

My name is Sarin and I've been together with my boy-friend for 7 years. Out of the 7 years that we've been together, I've only had 2 or 3 real orgasms during sex and I fake the rest. I love sex and I get so frustrated with myself because I can't orgasm with him. Is there something wrong with me?

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How to not let your guard down [ Friday
13/07/07 @ 7:37 pm]

    I have this problem...... Everytyme I get with a guy and we are alone. What I don't want to happen always happen and what I want doesn't. I am kind of stuck because I blow guys off that I really like over this situation. Can you help me?
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I'm New; Need advice! [ Friday
22/06/07 @ 1:35 pm]

[ mood | calm ]

My girlfriend of six months and I have been talking about oral sex lately. Both of think it's a good idea and it would be loads of fun. She's been hinting at wanting it for a little while and i really just want to make her happy. The problem is that i haven't ever given oral sex to a girl before. I know generally what to do but i could really use some "what works, what doesn't work as well; what feels good, etc" kind of advice.
I would love to get some feedback and thanks!


[ Thursday
22/02/07 @ 6:54 pm]
I have a bit of a role reversal type problem. When my girlfriend and I have sex instead of it being me who orgasms right away and ending it, she cums in meer minutes and instantly loses all interest in sex and just kind of sits there until I'm done. Is this because of something I'm doing or is this something about her body that just can't be fixed? Too be honest, it's been getting worse and the sex is starting to just flat out suck.
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[ Monday
28/08/06 @ 10:40 pm]
So I just started this LJ and was wondering if you guys could maybe help me out.

My boyfriend is so hard to get off. He says the only time he has an orgasm is thru sex. I'm a virgin and I'm not ready for sex yet and he's 1000% supportive and would never force me. I'm 23 and so is he. I love making him cum but it takes forever. Oral and manual takes at least 45 minutes and most of the time it doesn't even work. I feel bad because whenever he goes down on me or fingers me I always orgasm.

Is there anything I can do? He says he's always had a hard time getting off.

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