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Im new...and I have a question.

{ S e x | P a r t 1 | B a s i c s}

name: Megan
age:  18
gender:  Female
location:  Indiana
sexual preference:  Men

{ S e x | P a r t 2 | N o s i n e s s}

are you a virgin:  no
-if not, how old when you lost it?:  18
-describe your first time:  It was nice.  It didn't hurt at all thankfully. 
-are you with the same partner?: Yes
-how many lovers have you had?: just one
-who was the best/why?: n/a
-who was the worst/why?:  n/a
fantasies:  I don't really have many fantasies
kinks/fetishes: just the usual being tied up or something...
naughty pleasures:  none?
dom/sub?: I don't like to be in control most of the time, but sometimes I do.
oral?: yeah
porn much?: no

{ S e x | P a r t 3 | B e s t I n A P a r t n e r }

racial preferences, if any:  It doesn't really matter to me. 
body build: not skinny, not fat.  But like sort of muscular and comfy
temperament (passive, aggressive, both?): a mix of both. 
do they like/dislike porn?:  I don't mind as long as they aren't addicted.
their fetishes/kinks/etc: doesnt matter as long as it doesnt include bodily funtions.  Sorry but I refuse to go all 2 girls 1 cup.
dom/sub: dom
like watching them with same gender?: no

{ S e x | P a r t 4 | Q & A }

best sex location: so far we've only done it on his bed and floor.  We're open for suggestions.
worst sex location:  my house haha, there are always people home
coolest fetish: i dont know
freakiest fetish: i dont know
fav. porn topic if any: no
hentai/shonen ai/yaoi?: whats that?
ever fantasize about teacher/boss/etc?: no
is porn all fake?: for the most part
does tommy lee have as big a dick as they brag about?:  I heard he does.  Who knows though?
implants/natural (both m & f for this one!): either as long as they arent huge and fake looking
best hair color: dark
goats?: no
best sex music: we dont listen to music
greatest risky sex location (publicly speaking): i dont know
do you own a vibe/any other mast. tool?: no
how often do you masturbate: once or twice a week
been caught playing around w/ self?: no
been caught fucking/etc?: yeah sort of.  My 9 year old sister walked in on us, but we were doing it through the holes so she didnt see anything.  And we were just starting so yeah.
biggest turn-on: when someone its licking/biting/kissing my neck
biggest turn-OFF: anything anal.
sensitive body parts: i dont really know
best clothing on opposite sex: any..none? lol
lingerie?: eh why bother
panties/bikinis/thong?: none
boxers/boxer briefs/briefs/thong?: whatever he feels like wearing
best length on a guy: my guy is 8.5 so Im happy with that
best bra size on girl (or guys if you're into that shit): I don't like girls...
use food to tease? (chocolate syrup, whipped cream, etc): we've been thinking about it
spankings, anybody?: Yes please
favorite reaction from lover (moaning, writhing, etc): moaning, the faces he makes, just eveything
anal?: eh he wants to, but I'm unsure.  I think we were planning on doing it sometime soon. 
do you like giving oral?: yes
will you continually post in here?: I will try to.
promise?: yes  
Okay, now for the reason I joined.  I need to know a little something about some stuff.  I just went to planned parenthood for the first time on new years eve.  I got my birth control and stuff.  Well the 2nd of Jan. I got a UTI so now I'm on antibiotics.  Then I started my birth control on Sunday when I was supposed to, because I started my period on that Friday.  Now I need to know if any of this would make my period really really light.  Like all 4 days I would put in a tampon and leave it in all day (even though you aren't supposed to...whatever) and there was barely any blood on it.  Like I could have gone without I think.  So I'm kind of worried, because I've heard that you can still be pregnant if you have your period...  So could someone enlighten me on this?  I wasn't overly stressed out or anything at the time, so that wouldn't make it light.  And I won't start again until next month, so I don't want to freak out about this for the whole month for nothing, and I don't want to delay my next period because of unneeded stress.  So any help would be muchly appreciated.

EDIT:  I took the test today, and it said that I wasn't, so I'm happy.  ^_^  I think it was just the side effects of my new bc.

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