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Hi I'm new ^^

{ S e x | P a r t 1 | B a s i c s}

age: 19
gender: female
location: manitoba Canada
sexual preference: bi

{ S e x | P a r t 2 | N o s i n e s s}

are you a virgin: no
-if not, how old when you lost it? A few months ago
-describe your first time: It was a nice connection ^^
-are you with the same partner?: yes
-how many lovers have you had?: only one
-who was the best/why?: the one i have
-who was the worst/why?: Well I guess he would also be worst too
fantasies: Threesome :3
kinks/fetishes: when people pull my hair.
naughty pleasures: tieing someone up
dom/sub?: I like to be submissive but I usually end up being rather dominant
oral?: good
porn much?: yeah pretty often

{ S e x | P a r t 3 | B e s t I n A P a r t n e r }

racial preferences, if any:. Asian or white
body build: Skinny
temperament (passive, aggressive, both?): In the middle, I don't really like agressive guys though, I'd rather a passive one
do they like/dislike porn?: Whatever
their fetishes/kinks/etc: hmm Like dressing me up and like having their neck and nipples kissed and licked at ;D
dom/sub: Dom
like watching them with same gender?: Yes very much so :3

{ S e x | P a r t 4 | Q & A }

best sex location: Shower
worst sex location: Public
coolest fetish: blood play
freakiest fetish: breath play
fav. porn topic if any: gay porn ftw
hentai/shonen ai/yaoi?:yaoi ;D
ever fantasize about teacher/boss/etc?: nope
is porn all fake?: not all
does tommy lee have as big a dick as they brag about?: no >.>;
implants/natural (both m & f for this one!): natural
best hair color: black
best sex music: rock
greatest risky sex location (publicly speaking): school bathroom
do you own a vibe/any other mast. tool?: No, but I really want to get one
how often do you masturbate: 3ish times a week
been caught playing around w/ self?: nope :D
been caught fucking/etc?: no
biggest turn-on: nice hair
biggest turn-OFF:complete slob
sensitive body parts: neck, chest
best clothing on opposite sex: cute fob nerd outfit XD
lingerie?: pretty
panties/bikinis/thong?: panties
boxers/boxer briefs/briefs/thong?:boxer briefs
best length on a guy: 7-8
best bra size on girl (or guys if you're into that shit): C
use food to tease? (chocolate syrup, whipped cream, etc): never tried it but I think it would be nice
spankings, anybody?:yess
favorite reaction from lover (moaning, writhing, etc): moaning defenitely
anal?: someday
do you like giving oral?: kinda
will you continually post in here?: hopefully
promise?: I dunno :P

And I also have kind of a question/dilemma, I just recently started having sex with my boyfriend and the first time we were really excited but kinda nervous cause my family was home and we were in my room LOL
But ever since the first time he's had trouble staying hard with the condom on because he said it's very dulling. We tried getting thin ones but maybe we need even thicker ones. Maybe it's me? I've been mastrubating for a few years so maybe I'm too loose? Without the condom he can stay hard fine, and get hard pretty quickly, so can anyone please offer some advice T^T

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