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Well, yet another sexual advice community! We're open to all fetishes, races, and sexualities, and you can ask about most anything. We have a few small rules, but I think we can all live with 'em.

1. It must be a mostly legal act. No bestiality, no child molestation. And for the love of GOD, nothing to do with the digestive system. No defecation/urination fetishes. That's just farkin' SICK, people.
2. No flaming. If you get pissed at somebody, take it up with them privately. Don't flood the journal with bitchwhining.
3. No spamming. I don't give a crap about your hello kitty vibrator site. If you want to advertise your community, consult one of the mods prior to doing so.
4. DON TLAK L13K D1S!!!11``1241!~!~~!11??!1//!!ONEONE!! For god's sake, egh.
5. Now, we're not asking for a red carpet, but please fucking respect the mods. Don't start harassing them because they banned your friend. We're not like cops; we don't consider ourselves Gods. We just would like it if you obeyed the rules and abide by what 'laws' the mods lay down. Our mods so far are myself, Nattie (abscindo_animae), Nalerni (nalerni), Shawn (glaubiger) and Erin (vinylbunnie). S'yeah. Hi. ^^
6. I ask that you do THIS survey upon joining- just so we learn a little about you, what you're into, blahblah. ^^
7. We'd prefer it if you were at least 15- 14 is the youngest we'll allow. It's for moral reasons, mostly on my part. Talk to me (abscindo_animae) if you're 13. I will not accept anybody 12 & under.

If you have any questions, come to any of us and ask away!

Now have fun and post!

Here's our banner!
Now save it to your own server and link us! Rar! :3